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Scholia is a service that creates visual scholarly profiles for topics, people, organizations, species, chemicals, etc using bibliographic and other information in Wikidata. More info...




Ricci curvature
View information about the authors or journals publishing on the topic.
Fan Chung
View the researcher profile for the graph theorist Fan Chung. It shows her papers, co-authors, etc.
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague
View the profile for an organization: People associated with the organization, their publications, the co-author patterns, etc.
Annals of Mathematics
View information about a venue, e.g., a scientific journal or scientific conference. Here, the journal Annals of Mathematics, its recently published papers and their authors, topics, citation patterns etc.
European Mathematical Society
View information about a publisher, here the European Mathematical Society, with, e.g., the journals it publishes.
Fellow of the American Mathematical Society
View information about this award.


Scholia can show multiple items together.

Institute of Mathematics and Statistics at University of São Paulo and Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences in New York City
Compare two or more organizations. Here a comparison between two math-centric institutions with collaborating researchers, number of publications and citations.
Tim Gowers, Maryam Mirzakhani, Terence Tao, Maryna Viazovska
Compare four Fields Medalists.
National Autonomous University of Mexico and density functional theory
Explore what people affiliated with this institution have published on the topic.
University of Melbourne and ggplot2
Explore what people affiliated with this institution have published using this open-source data visualization software.


If you know the external identifier of a concept, then Scholia can make a lookup based on it:

Look up 0000-0002-6024-466X that is identifying theoretical physicist Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki.
Redirect via a DOI.
Redirect via GitHub username, here @vcvpaiva to Brazilian logician Valeria Correa Vaz de Paiva.
Look up by Twitter username @monsoon0. This will identify integrable systems researcher Nalini Joshi and redirect to her Scholia page.
Redirects also work for organizations, here zbMATH.
Redirect via VIAF identifier, here to ethnomathematician Jama Musse Jama.